Rise and Fall of the Heavenly Empire

Meeting "The People"

After the successful beach assault, our newly united party of adventurers and misfits, along with the imperial commanders, held a council of war. It was decided that the party of paragon power people (the player characters, hereafter known as the PPPP or just “the party”), would go commando and destroy one horde of invader undead in order to relieve a small isolated force of Zondar to the north. This would crack the hard outer shell of dark undead so the Zondar could get at the chewy center of yummy living enemies and do their thing. Meanwhile, the main army of imperials led by the awesome Zondar-controlling paladin Amarillian, would move in the opposite direction south along the coast to rendezvous with a larger force of Zondar, also besieged by Zondar-proof undead hordes. [Author’s note: anyone else feeling apprehensive about helping the Zondar so much?]

The PPPP, led by … uh, I guess they don’t have a clear leader … let’s say a red horned bard, pale warlord, and drinking (but never drunk) monk went to work and attacked a group of undead who had captured some supply wagons and slaughtered their original owners (whoever they were). Oddly, these were undead the undead-hunting paladin Hrist had never seen before. Some were like dopplegangers, taking on the form of those near them. Others used cold attacks. But all of them used mind ravaging powers and coherent yet foreign language (not just: uuhhh! or braaains!). Also, there was a huge dragon-like creature with a disturbingly large rider atop it which did a fly-by terror screeching. However, none of these horrors could stop the PPPP from recovering an important magical stone from the wagons. The party cut through their foes and were helped by the fortuitous arrival of a mysterious raging half-orc and his two bugbear companions. Wisely staying away from the angry guy until the battle was over and all undead were disposed of, the PPPP learned they had been assisted by the great warrior Uskash. This berserker from the west was fighting for the natives of the area, known as “the People” and after some discussion, agreed to lead the party back to the People’s leaders.

The leaders were located in a great, ancient stone city full of pyramids and water canals. None of the PPPP, including the Deva had any idea the city existed. The People who lived there consisted entirely of goblins, bugbears, orcs, ogres, minotaurs, and a few giants. These were the natives of the region! Since it would take some time to assemble the six elder leaders of the People, each member of the party had some free time to burn. Callimachus took an interest in the pyramids for their possible divine connection (perhaps they were temples!) and investigated. Lo and behold, he discovered holy symbols of long gone gods he had never known (and set to carving more divine symbol bling for his armor). Guo Jing sought to make connections with some of the People in the best way he knew: drinking. He chatted with and drank a handful of bugbear warriors into the ground (without becoming drunk!). Silver River, silent as always, discreetly sought out members of the beggar clan and managed to find some! He/she exchanged much information with them (mainly goblins) and would miss much of the negotiations with the elders later. Vilen made contact with some of his lost rangers and got them busy scouting and looking for their fellows and for their mage (who was still MIA). Kurt, designated the official “face” of the party for negotiations (it was determined his looks were best received by the People, and hey, he’s a bard to boot), conversed with a couple goblin elders who were present. And that left the stoic Hrist, bored out of her mind with no undead nearby (… that she knew of), trying to pass the time in a corner. After sharpening and cleaning her weapon and armor, those old geezers had STILL not arrived, so she decided to do something awesome by ascending to the top of the tallest pyramid in the city. This was accomplished with quite a bit of effort and much help from her luminous, windy wings. And so, the session ended, the party waiting and conversing in the city, Hrist standing vigilantly above it all. The dark knight, er, I mean, paladin gazed out across the city, observing its mysterious water supply and its ancient stone structures, her black hair blowing in the breeze. What would happen next? What was this place? Where was Wagner? And how long was it going to take for those geezers to show up?! There are undead to kill!

[original entry]
“In this we met undead black-hearted doppelgangers and a barbarian named Uskash who also happens to like hitting them/everything with his axe. He led us to join our new reluctant allies “the People”, a group of tribes comprised of Goblinoids and Orcs… We met their elders, drank their booze and explored their city. One of us met some beggars, maybe another one went to seek his wolf pack of rangers and rat.

There is more to it I am sure the rest of you can fill in the details. We picked up a lorestone that tells us of the landing locations of dragon kind, learned about the black crystals that kept dropping from the undead, learned a little about our alliances old and new. The locations and now new goal for destruction of the black portals that allow the BBEG to get through to our world will carry on in our next game."


In answer to your question on helping the Zonder, I am not overly pleased with it but it is one of our better options. It’s just another way to slay the enemies threatening our great land. Mind you Jing does not have the sense to put together that should Amarillian drop dead after say the horde of them has amassed there won’t be much standing in the way of the Zonder doing some fucked up shit. However we are amassing quite an army here if we can continue to keep them on our side and nullify the forces pouring out of the portal this threat should stifle greatly.

On another note if things go as planned and Ash doesn’t fall off that cliff with Quaia he should be doing some things to align proper forces to aid in the near future. Mind you like I said…big, huge, cliff.

Meeting "The People"
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