Rise and Fall of the Heavenly Empire

Big Trouble in Little Pyramid

After blunting undead attacks from the West and a major Drakkar thrust from the South, the party decided to make their way back to the pyramid / temple / central headquarters in order to rest and gather news about the fighting throughout the city. Along the way they came upon a group of [what can only be assumed to be very elderly and infirm or very young and clumsy] goblin civilians and two medicine men being swarmed by a horde of undead minions. Despite the surprise of one [probably female, teenage, clumsy, with glasses] goblin turning out to be a devious undead doppleganger, the party managed to pop all the minions and rescue a few of the civilians and their two medicine men.

Upon reaching the pyramid, the party learned that several groups of undead, Drakkar, and Giaks were converging on that very location and a big, climactic battle was at hand. Defending the temple’s four entrances on the ground floor were: the party, various orc, bugbear, goblin, & werewolf ranger allies, and Boltdeta the elder on his goblin-powered litter. As fighting erupted all around, groups of stronger enemies fought their way into the temple and were dispatched by the valiant defenders. Included amongst the attackers were a few of Vilen’s rangers who had been corrupted and turned to the “dark side.” Though desperate, the fighting went well for the defenders … until …

A wide-eyed goblin messenger appeared and pointed to the eastern horizon where the Sun was rising. There in the glare, like Huey Choppers flying in over a Vietnamese jungle, could be seen menacing flying creatures. The enemy had air support! The large, dragon like creatures each carried big, netted balls full of reinforcements, which they dropped into the city and near the pyramid. Sure, quite a few Giaks, Drakkar, & undead probably died on impact with the ground, but hey, they’re evil, so whatever [It’s not like the enemy leaders care either; end justifies the means baby!]. However, it was not these balls of baddies that most troubled the party. What most alarmed them was the fact that not one, but TWO Xaghash (lizardy, minor darklords) came crashing down onto the side of the pyramid. But rather than descending to lay the beat-down on our heroes, these monstrosities ascended … clawing their way through solid stone into the second and then third floors of the building. At the same time, Vilen mysteriously collapsed! Fearing that his mind was being taken over, and that he would soon attack his friends [there was the issue of Hrist standing over him with itchy spear-fingers too], Guo Jing bound Vilen with rope and put him downstairs where he was attended to by the goblin elder, Eboreban.

Realizing, that the Xaghash were not descending to fight them, the party cautiously made their way upstairs and discovered the real goal of their enemies: to take something from the heart of the pyramid. Behind and beneath the stone of the pyramid lay a block of ice that the Xaghash were furiously trying to dig into. Once inside the hollow block [with a little help from Silver River, doh!], one of the creatures laid hands upon an emerald gem. Knowing this could be big trouble, the party attacked both monsters, and using his awesome domination power, Kurt forced the Xaghash to hand over the gem. What happened next you might ask? Well, game ended with Kurt, Silver River, & Guo Jing in the huge, hollow ice block with gem and Xaghash 1 (technically on floor 2), and Hrist and Callimachus facing off against Xaghash 2 above (on floor 3).


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