Rise and Fall of the Heavenly Empire

Pyramid continued

Many rooms and many battles later Cullen just wanted to pull that lever, what could possibly go wrong? The game ended on Ash in the bottom of a life draining pit.

The Recorder and the Pyramid

Crashing energy ceilings, the beholder’s trap, swarms of books in the library…

Gnags Web

The party realizes what smells after getting into a fight with Gnag.

They are discussing a deal with him to gain sanctuary within Creation for trade of knowledge to defeat Gnar.

Big Brother and you.

Ash makes the party more aware of how big brother works. Research at the library, knowing your enemy.

Venturing to the Capital

and it smells suspiciously of the color brown.

Dueling Tarrak....

Because Ash requested a duel and they responded with “Let’s do this.”

This splits into two games, Cullen receives an artifact once wielded by a Tarrak, Jack receives the title of Sword Saint.

Meet Tarrak, Tarrak, and also Tarrak.

Where Tarraks go when they retire.

There are followers of Tarrak here...

…and they have a seat on the council.

The party discusses their goals with a like mind, Hrist shares some of her past with him, he takes us to Tarrak’s temple.

Learning how to Cope with Overwhelming Bureaucracy

The Party navigates the advantages and pitfalls of a society without privacy. What senses they will turn on and off and determines the basics of their plans.


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