Episode I

Kingdom of Mystery

in which our heroes quite randomly come across all manner of goings-on

Episode II

Empire Under Siege: The Curtain Pulls Back

in which our heroes uncover the far-reaching plots of the Silver Dragon Cult

Episode III

Empire of Change

in which our heroes must save the newly crowned Emperor as she falls prey to an unknown poison

Episode IV

Empire at War

in which our heroes gather forces to drive back invaders from another world

Episode V

The Empire Strikes Back

I’ll be honest: I went and renamed/retitled previous campaigns/adventures specifically so that Ep 5 could be ESB

Final note: credit for all of the awesome art on the characters goes to not-me. All of the pictures are found on Google images and DeviantArt. Of particular note: Tatiana Kirgetova (kir-tat) and Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias (genzoman). If their art leaves you dumbstruck like it does me, support these artists!

Rise and Fall of the Heavenly Empire

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