Lenneth of Sapiros

Paladin of Salvas


Lenneth is a half-elven paladin in her mid-twenties who is devoted to the moon goddess, Salvas. She is usually clad in distinctive blue colored plate armor with silver and gold trim and a long, off-white skirt. When combating foes, she either coldly (if they are a little bad) or RIGHTEOUSLY (if they are very bad) smites foes with a longsword, shield, and beams, blasts, and weapon-like manifestations of radiant light (actually lunar, if you pay attention). Outside combat situations, she tends to favor nice, yet functional dresses of blue, white, and grey coloring.

Physically, Lenneth is moderately tall, and has an athletic build, fair skin, blue eyes, and long, thick, blue-grey (silver) hair. The last of these tends to conceal the most obvious features of her half-elven lineage, her pointed ears, and is typically tied in a loose braid down her back. Though very beautiful (and from Sapiros – see Silveria), Lenneth maintains a no-nonsense attitude regarding her looks and most things in general. While she can be friendly and devoted to those she knows and trusts, her personality is usually calm, professional, and polite. Those who have been around her for a while will note a few other interesting traits. Firstly, she is keenly aware of her surroundings and good at reading others, and secondly, her speech can be oddly archaic. She tends to replace “you” or “your” with “thee” or “thou.”

Oh, and she can sprout big, angelic, white wings and fly a little. (And looks awesome doing it!)

Of the three sisters (Hrist, Lenneth, Silmeria), Lenneth is the most devoted to Salvas and all she stands for. Deprived of her family, but refusing to become brooding and vengeful (-cough- Hrist), Lenneth turned all her love and devotion to her goddess (and would do almost anything for her).


Lenneth is an orphan who hails from the capital of Sapiros. At a young age (5), she lost her father (at sea), then mother (in childbirth), then two sisters to tragic events (see Silmeria). Fortunately for her, she was saved from the bandits attacking her orphanage/temple by her mentor and taken to a new temple of Salvas in Sapiros. Forever grateful to the goddess and her mentor, she trained to become a paladin when she came of age, following in the footsteps of her priestess mother (Iseria) and paladin sister (Hrist) before her. Eventually, she left the temple and become something of a traveling adventuress seeking to serve her goddess by helping those in need, combating evil, and generally “shining light into the darkness.” Recently, she sought to track down and smite members of a malevolent Dragon Cult. It was during this quest that she met the members of her future adventuring group: Captain Jack, Moradin, Jacqueline, Ashriel, and Charlotte. Together, they traveled to the capital and were swept up in the intrigue surrounding the new Empress, Quaia. Royal Balls, political intrigue, a dastardly poisoning, assassinations, a journey through creation, and encounters with various dragons ensued.

Since the drama and dragon rampage at the capital, Lenneth has kept busy. She has solved a murder investigation in the temple of Ahmor and prevented the spread of a poison threatening to kill off crops around the capital. However, her most notable achievement was in stopping the madness of Alistair, the Chosen of Torvin (see his character for a detailed account). This brought Lenneth into contact with Silveria, kindling a friendship and further proving the latter’s assertion that Sapiros does indeed produce the most beautiful women. Lenneth accompanied Sylveria a ways until she received an unexpected summons. It called for “the paladin of Salvas” to come to a mysterious castle. Thinking she was the only paladin of Salvas, she made the journey and fought her way into the living castle of Dracul. It was here that she faced and fought a confused Wagner (who was expecting Hrist). Then as she found herself on the brink of defeat, a paladin in black armor with black hair appeared as if miraculously. This new savior overwhelmed Wagner with radiant power and fierce determination and as the vampire lord lay at her feet in defeat, Lenneth at last looked upon the face of the dark lady in amazement. It was her long lost (and believed dead) sister. Then she spun and beheld the other woman encased in crystal above her. Could it be? Silmeria too? The dark paladin dispatched the vampire lord while Lenneth gazed at the crystal in confusion and wonder and watched it crack. Silmeria fell into her arms and together with her elder sister, all three escaped the castle to return home. The sisters had finally been reunited and Lenneth could not be more amazed and happy. She thanked Salvas for such wondrous blessings and shed tears of joy.

-The moons & moonlight,
-Smiting evil with radiant righteousness,
-Helping those in need (particularly curing the blind),
-her sisters

-Evil critters, people, items (undead, cultists, demons, etc.),
-Evil plots, schemes,
-Perverted, scheming, murderous mages who wear spectacles and have an obsession for beautiful, silver-haired, winged women

Lenneth of Sapiros

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